Sun Control Films

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty for sun control films covers blistering, cracking, crazing, delamination and peeling. Our obligation under the warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any part of the film.

SolarShield® Sun Control Films will:

  • Maintain Solar Reflective Properties without cracking, crazing, or peeling.
  • Maintain Adhesion Properties without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass.
  • Maintain Appearance without discoloration.
  • Maintain Strength, Tear, and Penetration Resistant Properties.

Warranty Limitations

The warranty is null and void if improper care and negligence is displayed post installation by the purchaser and physical damage is found on the surface of the film. 

Please note that each Indian state has its own interpretation of laws regarding % visible light transmittance of the film that can be installed on the glass. We are not responsible in anyway whatsoever if pulled up or penalised by law authorities for any infringement of law regarding tinted film.

Material Handling & Storage

  1. Must be kept dry at all times
  2. Recommended storage temperatures are from (4°C) to (38°C)
  3. Do not store at temperatures over 140°F or below 32°F
  4. Avoid impacting containers
  5. Do not put undue pressure on the surface of the film while it is still on the roll, as pressure marks may form.
  6. Handle the carton with care to avoid pressure marks from careless handling.
  7. Repackaging a roll of film into a box bigger or smaller than the size of the roll can damage the film. Doing so may result in pressure marks, embossing marks, etc.
  8. When rewinding or cutting in order to repackage the film, note that surface marks (e.g., small dots, twists, etc.) may appear on the surface due to dirt or dust contamination. If repackaging, ensure that your workspace is clean.
  9. After using part of a roll of film, do not repack it loosely. Keep the film as it was originally packaged—rolled tight and held in place by taping.
  10. Adhesive characteristics may change between seasons if the application environment is not climate-controlled. This is typical of the material.

Installation & Care

  1. Wait until the window has completed the curing process. If you clean your windows immediately after installation then hazy, streaky or blotchy appearance is likely to happen due to moist that may form under the car window.
  2. Avoid using cleaning agents that contain ammonia. In addition avoid using abrasive products when cleaning your windows such as paper towels or newspapers. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe down each window.
  3. Avoid your windows from getting scratched. Some unintentional scratches can be the start of the peeling of the film.
  4. Correct deformities and irregularities. In case you have spotted some bubbles trapped underneath the film, it is suggested to go to the particular dealer who installed the film.
  5. Keep hands of the edges of the window. The edges are the most vulnerable part of the window to damage.
  6. Do not put too much pressure while cleaning the window.

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